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Laser Hair Removal

6 Sep

The estimated average amount a woman spends on waxing services is $300 a year. The average cost to remove hair on the upper lip with a laserĀ  is $150. so then why do women freak out when you tell them the estimated cost is $150 to remove hair on the upper lip permanently. Think of all the money a person would save in a lifetime by not waxing or threading, not to mention the pain and the embarrassment of hairs growing out in between services.

I’ve seen woman with beard stubble. Seriously!!! Get rid of it!! A few months months ago I offered a friend of mine Laser Hair Removal services for her lip and chin at a discounted rate. Her response? ” No, I can get waxed for $20 bucks every 2 weeks. Is she kidding? That’s $480 a year for LIFE!

Please girls, find your nearest Laser Removal Spa and get rid of that facial hair.


The Bullshit Facial

5 Sep

The Bullshit Facial.